Contributions to the 2019 Diocesan Catholic Services Appeal (CSA)  may be significantly down in numerous parishes, according to reports from concerned Catholics.  The reasons for this may be due to multiple causes, but individuals who have contacted Gaylord Diocesan Watch have listed a lack of transparency as an important reason why they are not giving to the CSA this year.  This has been reflected in recent events regarding the suspension of Father Matthew Cowan and the scandal regarding the hiring of a known sex offender in Petoskey for years despite concerns raised by the faithful to the Diocese.

Some have noted that the CSA budget is so lacking in details that it is not possible to reasonably discern where the money is going.  One concerned Catholic noted that less than 1% of the CSA budget targets prolife causes.  Furthermore, Catholic Relief Services receives money from the CSA even though Catholic Relief Services has been found to be supporting anti-Catholic agendas.

A concerned diocesan faithful noted that Bishop Raica and some of the clergy in the Diocese have actively discussed donations to the Catholic Services Appeal but have failed to discuss issues such as accountability, transparency, abortion, or a host of other issues that many active Catholics would like to discuss.  Bishop Raica refuses to meet with Gaylord Diocesan Watch members regarding their concerns.  Some believe that a decrease in CSA dollars this year may represent an expression of  active stewardship on the part of Catholics as they look at donating to other, more accountable, and worthy causes in the Church.  Gaylord Diocesan Watch will continue to monitor this situation closely.  Further information on this topic can be found at  .