As part of our ongoing Apostolate to assist Bishop Raica, we are encouraging faithful Catholics to speak out when they see both good and bad in their parishes.  Of course, any criminal activity should be reported first to the police and only afterward to the Diocese.  Unfortunately, too many incidents of abuse were first brought to various dioceses in the United States and nothing was done.  Even worse, attempts at covering up the incidents followed the reporting of the allegations.

At our inaugural diocesan-wide meeting, various individuals approached us with the desire to share information anonymously.  The contact information for some of these individuals has been misplaced.  Therefore, if you are one of these individuals, we are asking that you Email us at with confidential contact information and we will be happy to contact you.  You may also call 231-920-3029 if you would like to discuss information confidentially.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

We are also interested in having contacts with members of individual parishes to discuss issues of importance for their parish.  Please contact us via our website if you are interested.

It is vital that faithful Catholics pray and speak up when it comes to the Church.  We have the right, and the obligation, to do these things.