Gaylord Diocesan Watch has learned that Father Cowan remains in good spirits as he continues to wait for a decsision regarding his appeal of the clerical suspension imposed upon him by Bishop Steven Raica.  Last fall, Father Cowan charged disgraced fellow priest Dennis Stilwell of sexual harassment.  A witness came forward to corroborate this allegation, and another allegation against Father Stilwell was lodged by another individual.

The Dicoese of Gaylord found these allegations not “credible” or “substantiated” despite allegations and a track record Father Stilwell has amassed.  In addition to noting a close and long relationship to retired Bishop Robert Lynch (who paid his communications director more than $80,000 after allegations of sexual harassment), Father Stilwell allowed known diocesan sex offender James Holtz (removed from ministry in 2002) to continue various ministries at St. Francis Church in Petoskey (including assisting altar boys).   No sanctions were imposed on Father Stilwell and he remains a priest in good standing in the Diocese of Gaylord.

We believe it is extremely important to keep him in mind.  He appreciates your support of him with prayers, letters and donations.  His address is:

PO Box 452

Conway, MI  49722