Gaylord Diocesan Watch has learned that long-time Diocesan Communications Director Candace Neff has been involuntarily relieved of her duties.  She has been the working for the Diocese for over 20 years.  Although it was announced that she retired, sources tell us that she was fired and that she was not in agreement with the end of her employment.  The reasons for this are not known at the time of this publication.

Her position in the Diocese was concerning for many faithful as she was not a practicing Catholic; in fact, she was a member of a Protestant denomination.  Having a non-Catholic as spokesman for the Diocese is akin to having a member of a baseball team as coach for their opponent.  Practicing Catholics have the right to expect that officials who represent the Catholic Church in any capacity, including that of spokesman, would be Catholics in good standing who could explain and understand basic Catholic Church teaching and practice.