In a brazen lack of sensitivity, The Diocese of Gaylord’s Office of the Bishop has refused to read a letter sent to them by a concerned Catholic requesting spiritual assistance.  Gaylord Diocesan Watch has received the letter with the refusal by a staff member to open the letter.   The word “refused” is written on the left hand side of the envelope. The letter was then sent back to the sender unopened:


The letter is as follows:


Your Excellency Bishop Raica,

I am a member of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Petoskey.  I am now residing at Independence Village.  A Sr. Living Residence.  There are 12 Catholics here and we gather on Wed. 3:45 PM to say the Rosary.

Until 1 yr. ago we always had people from the Marion Center come and lead us and give a little talk.  So for 1 yr. we have held together.  So I was wondering please could Fr. Matthew Cowan come to our Residence and bring some Spiritual life to our little community.  We sent word inviting him.  But he said he would need your permission.

Would you consider our Request.

Respectfully Yours in Christ,


Please feel free to contact the Diocese by more certified mail voicing your concerns or by using the following web address:

Another option to contact the Diocese if they refuse to open your mail:

Phone:  989.732.5147       Fax:  989.705.3589