Gaylord Diocesan Watch has been established to assist the Bishop, priests, and faithful of the Diocese of Gaylord in discussing major issues in the Diocese.  Much of this, unfortunately, is not positive as there are many significant problems in the Diocese.

Fortunately, our supporters also point to positive developments.  One of these is Holy Rosary parish in Cedar, located in the Leelanau peninsula in the western side of the Diocese.  Its pastor is Father Donald Libby (on sabbatical in Rome at this time) and its associate pastor is Brad Nursey. Here are just some of the highlights of this amazing parish:

Holy Rosary Church represents, in many ways, the ideal Catholic parish in theory and practice.  At the heart of this community is the access to the sacramental life of the Church.  In addition to daily mass, there are almost daily confession times.  The parish offers mass both in the conventional Novus Ordo form as well as the Solemn High Mass of the Extraordinary Form (Latin, Tridentine).  In the summer, this country parish has 4 weekend masses.  At other times of the year, it has a minimum of three.

There is an active organization of altar boys, Knights of the Altar, to foster participation and vocations to the priesthood.  It is common for more than 10 altar boys to be present at each of the weekend masses.  Adult education and catechism classes for children are common and consistently offered.  A men’s Holy League also meets regularly as well as organizations for girls and women.  In an age when  men are increasingly either absent or insufficiently meeting their God-given responsibilities as leaders, this parish is offering them the opportunity for growth and development.

What also makes Holy Rosary parish special is a 24 hour, 7 days per week adoration chapel manned by parishioners and its pastor.  For a parish this size, it is almost miraculous.

The Church building itself has been restored and is magnificently maintained thanks to hundreds of thousands of dollars donated by faithful Catholics.  It boasts one of the few pipe organs on the peninsula.  The parish is home to a music guild which promotes authentic sacred music development including Gregorian chant.  The parish has a book/gift shop which has a great selection of orthodox Catholic items.

Because of these and other offerings for serious Catholics, registered members of the parish come from not just the Leelanau peninsula but from other areas of western Michigan as well.  Some families drive over an hour to be a part of this parish.  Finally, it is no surprise that multiple vocations can be traced in some way or another to Father Libby and Holy Rosary Church, including Father Peter Wigton, Father Scott Lawler, Father Brad Nursey, and Father Chris Jarvis.


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