Our social media outreach is continuing to give positive results.  In October, we launched our campaign to reach Facebook users with notifications of our website.  Over 4,000 visits to the website occurred last month.  This represents a significant increase in website traffic from previous months and further underscores the need for this apostolate to exist.

We continue to welcome and encourage faithful Catholics to send us information, both good and bad, with regard to their parishes or the Diocese in general.  We respect the confidentiality of our supporters.  Gaylord Diocesan Watch has received a vast amount of information, but we are very careful in going public with this data.  It is often the case that the individual presenting information to us does not wish to be identified or does not choose to allow us to go public with the information.  Nonetheless, we welcome any information that is presented to us.  Please contact us via Email if you have information you believe we need to have.

Our mission also involves money.  Thankfully, we have had generous donors who continue to fund our efforts.  Please consider donating to this important cause.  None of the leadership of this organization is paid; they are all donating their time and have donated significant amounts to money to support Gaylord Diocesan Watch.