In yet another development of concern, Fr. Michael Haney, pastor of Cross in the Woods Parish in Indian River, recently told daily mass parishioners that the St. Michael Prayer said after mass was no longer to be said.  His reasoning for this, according to a witness, was that the mass is the perfect prayer and this prayer was unnecessary.  Father Haney has been the subject of more than one post; his actions in this parish continue to alarm faithful Catholics.

Throughout the Diocese, some parishes have been saying this prayer after mass at the invitation of Bishop Raica in response to the sexual abuse crisis facing the Church.  Although not mandated by the Bishop, many feel this is a reasonable request and have said this prayer regularly.  Apparently, Father Haney feels otherwise.   If you would like to voice your opinion about this matter to Father Haney, his address is below:

Fr. Michael Haney

Cross in the Woods Catholic Shrine

7078 M 68

Indian River, MI 49749

(231) 238-8973