We appreciate the input provided by our readers since we have started our mission.  One of our supporters and avid readers is a Diocesan priest who has given us constructive criticism regarding our last post.  He believed the last paragraph of the post could be confusing.  We have incorporated his suggestions into the post.  Having faithful Catholics such as him and other priests of the Diocese who support us has been a wonderful inspiration and is a source of hope for the future.


We also have laypeople who provide us with compliments and critique.  We welcome all of it.  It has been brought up that we do not post the feedback of those who contact us.  Why?  It is primarily that our mission is to be one of information and those who read our posts can make up their own minds with regard to the information we present.  Also, some who regularly write us have unacceptable speech which we do not believe would be appropriate to post.  Others have written us with feedback that cannot be comprehended as it is written with significant typos or is too confusing to post.  Nonetheless, all correspondence to Gaylord Diocesan Watch is reviewed by us.  Please keep information about the Diocese flowing to us for our benefit and the benefit of all Catholics in the Diocese of Gaylord.