This past week marked the return of Masses for the faithful of the Diocese of Gaylord.  This also marks the end of Bishop Raica’s “leadership” of the Diocese as he is slated to become the next bishop of Birmingham, Alabama next week.  Mass attendance has been reported to be especially sparse at many churches in the Diocese.  We are thankful, despite irregularities and inconsistencies in policies, to have the Sacrifice of the Mass once again available to the public.


Confusion was noted with some of the guidelines regarding attendance.  As an example:  masks are strongly encouraged.  However, one mask-wearing parishioner was noted to have gone up to receive Holy Communion.  She received Holy Communion in the hand.  She then apparently realized her mask was still on.  She ended up dropping the received Holy Communion on the ground as she worked to take off her mask.


In another parish, certain members served as ushers to guide parishioners as to where they could sit during Mass.  Parishioners were told not to say “Amen” when they were to receive Holy Communion.  Instead, they were instructed to say “Amen” with the during the Doxology.  At Sunday Mass in St. Anne Catholic Church, 32 people were in attendance.  Plenty of hand sanitizer was available.


As we hopefully move to more activity in our parishes, Gaylord Diocesan Watch will continue to monitor the situation.  We will be closely monitoring the Diocese as we begin an bishop-less era.  Let us pray for a good shepherd to lead this Diocese.