Our leadership team recently requested a meeting with Bishop Walter Hurley, Administrator of the Gaylord Diocese.  The letter is as follows:

8 July 2020

Bishop Walter Hurley

Apostolic Administrator

Diocese of Gaylord


Dear Bishop Hurley,

Welcome to the Diocese of Gaylord!

We would like to schedule a meeting with you to discuss several issues of importance to the people of the Gaylord diocese, including, but not limited to the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Mass, and the problems of active homosexuality in the priesthood.

Please have your office contact us at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to working with you.

Richard Brenz, MD


Bishop Hurley responded with the following:


July 13, 2020


Dear Dr. Brenz,


I received your recent letter seeking an appointment to discuss several items of importance to your group, “Gaylord Diocesan Watch.”

Given the broad variety of issues you have identified and the limited time of my stay in Gaylord, I do not believe a meeting with (you would) be useful or productive at this time.

I do want, however, to assure you and your group of my prayers.

With good wishes,

Sincerely, yours in the Lord,

Bishop Walter G. Hurley


We are thrilled to at least receive prayers and good wishes from a member of the clergy.  Perhaps these “good wishes” could some day be transformed into action?