In a move that has faithful in the Diocese concerned, Bishop Hurley abruptly dumped Fr. Benjamin Rexroat and Father Christopher Jarvis this week from their roles as Vocation Directors. Our sources indicate that the change was sudden. No reason for the change was forthcoming on the Diocesan website. There are faithful in the Diocese that are concerned with a possible bias against priests who actively promote orthodoxy in the Church. Also, some are concerned that Bishop Hurley is no friend of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM).  Fr. Jarvis has been trained and regularly says this mass in the Diocese.

When Bishop Hurley was the administrator of the Saginaw Diocese, he canned Fr. Eddie Dwyer, a young and energetic priest who was actively promoting a return to traditional Church devotions and liturgy (both Latin and Novus Ordo) to his parish. Bishop Hurley banished him to a rectory in a dangerous part of Saginaw without any parish to lead. He was under a form of virtual house arrest (not unlike Fr. Cowan). It was not until the Saginaw Diocese installed its current bishop that Fr. Dwyer was released from his limitations.

Our sources also state that the former Chancellor of the Diocese, Deacon Kevin Endres, was abruptly fired. On September 30, 2020, Bishop Hurley named Julie Erhart, a layperson, to be the Chancellor of the Diocese.

Concerned Catholics have questioned why Bishop Hurley is making these significant changes even though he is not the sitting Bishop of the Diocese but a temporary administrator. We will continue to monitor these changes as they come about. If you have any information regarding these staffing changes, please contact us via email at