One day after we reported, for the second time, on the ongoing scandal regarding Fr. Michael Conner cohabitating with a woman, the Diocese announced this past Monday (December 14) that Fr. Conner will be transferred to “Senior Emeritus” status.  Although many of the priests who receive this status are retired, this is not always the case.  Senior Emeritus priests can still serve Masses and even be pastors if necessary.  It remains to be seen what happens with Fr. Conner.  The vague announcement by the Diocese does not discuss where Fr. Conner is going.  Is he going to stay in the rectory?  Will he move in with a partner to another location?  Will he be keeping a Mass schedule in the Diocese while cohabitating?  Will he move to another parish which will then be supporting him and his partner?  We will continue to monitor this situation closely.  This scandal should have never been allowed to exist.  Thank you to all who contacted the Diocese with your concerns regarding Fr. Conner.