A recent review of the Diocesan staff roster revealed some interesting information.  After only a few weeks as Vocations Director, Father Cito has been replaced by Father Hayden.

The Office of the Bishop now has, in addition to the Bishop, four other individuals including an “Assistant Chancellor” position.  It is a mystery as to why there is now the need for an “Assistant Chancellor”.  The Finance department has a whopping six employees.  Is there that much money in the Diocese?  Maybe there is.

What is most concerning is the lack of seminarians.  After having as many as 12 seminarians over the past few years, there are now only 5 men listed as active seminarians.  Could it be that the recent (lack of) handling of Father Matthew Cowan’s sexual abuse complaints is a contributor in preventing good men from seeking a vocation in our Diocese?  Could it be that the lack of a strong orthodox Bishop assigned to the Diocese of Gaylord may be a major factor in driving good men away from a vocation?  We must continue to pray for good men to step up to the plate and offer their lives in sacrifice for the Church and for us.  As Father Cowan has experienced, at times that sacrifice may entail suffering brought on by those within the Church including fellow priests.  Continued prayer for a good Bishop to lead this Diocese is also needed.