Each year, the Diocese of Gaylord, like many dioceses in the United States, promotes a fundraising campaign called Catholic Services Appeal (CSA).  The stated goal of the Catholic Services Appeal is to raise money for the functioning of the Diocese; but it also raises money for organizations outside of the Diocese.

One of the most contentious organizations supported by the Catholic Services Appeal in the Diocese of Gaylord has been Catholic Relief Services (CRS).  Research shows that Catholic Relief Services engages in activities that are neither Catholic or offer relief.  Catholic Relief Services has been shown to support anti-Catholic organizations that promote policies directly opposed to Church teaching (contraception, abortion, among others).  Furthermore, the leadership of Catholic Relief Services has been enmeshed in other organizations that are anti-Catholic or political (radical left).

Why a Diocese or any Catholic would donate to such an organization is mind-boggling.  When we reported on this last year, we received notification that the Diocese would no longer donate to Catholic Relief Services (http://gaylordfaithfulnews.org/2020/04/05/catholic-relief-services-no-longer-funded-by-gaylord-diocese/).  However, when Gaylord Diocesan Watch attempted to confirm this with the Diocese, we did not receive a reply.  Therefore, we are concerned that this funding of Catholic Relief Services from the CSA appeal may have been reinstated.  This is, unfortunately, too often the case;  a problem will be appropriately addressed but will resurface if one is not vigilant.

Please contact Bishop Hurley to voice your concerns about the CSA Appeal and its support of anti-Catholic organizations:

Bishop Walter Hurley

Apostolic Administrator

Diocese of Gaylord

611 West North Street

Gaylord, MI  49735

We always recommend a copy of any correspondence to the Diocese be sent to the Papal Nuncio:

Archbishop Christophe Pierre, Papal Nuncio

3339 Massachusetts Ave NW

Washington, DC  20008-3610