In a short proclamation on the Diocesan website, Acting Bishop of Gaylord Walter Hurley congratulated what can be described as the most pro-abortion president ever in the United States ( :

I extend my congratulations to President Joseph Biden and his family. My prayers are with him, and his administration, as he begins his tenure as the next leader of our nation.” He went on to state the following: “In the course of the coming months, there will be decisions and policies enacted that uphold our Catholic faith; conversely, others will deeply conflict with our faith and values. It is expressly in the face of such a moral landscape that we humbly choose the path of Christ.”  What are these decisions?  Should he not “humbly choose the path of Christ” by following the teachings of the Church?

What is missing from this statement by Bishop Hurley, as well as other clergy, is the massive scandal perpetrated by Mr. Biden.  Among the many anti-Catholic activities he has engaged in, he has consistently been absolutely pro-abortion while simultaneously claiming to be a “devout Catholic”.  With rare exception, he has received Holy Communion from various Catholic bishops and priests despite widespread knowledge of his vapidly pro-abortion stance.  He has officiated at same-sex “marriages”.  Unfortunately, an attempt at charitably pointing out the danger of these actions to his soul is missing from Bishop Hurley’s statement.  Catholics should be reminded as to the fact that openly anti-Catholic actions such as those partaken by Mr. Biden automatically excommunicate him from the Church.  He should not receive Holy Communion from the Church if he is not in union with the Church.

Please pray for all of our leaders, both civil and spiritual.  Please pray for our country.