Earlier this month, activist Apostolic Administrator (temporary bishop) Bishop Walter Hurley announced some mild loosening of restrictions placed on parishes in the Diocese of Gaylord.  These maneuvers represent more of the same schizophrenic actions demanded of the public by governmental and/or Church leaders.

“While still retaining the use of masks, people can now be invited to sing the Gloria, the Entrance and Recessional hymn, in addition to the proper parts of the Mass.”  Church faithful are now allowed to sing again – but with masks.  As we have reported before, the use of masks does not prevent the reception or transmission of Coronavirus.  Numerous studies have shown this.  The virus is simply too small to be filtered by cloth, surgical, or N95 masks.  Furthermore, when compared to those areas without strict mask mandates (for example, South Dakota, Sweden), the state of Michigan has not benefitted from strict mask-wearing rules; in fact, Michigan’s rates of Covid-19 are higher.  The bigger issue with masks, however, is the participation in a lie that is detrimental to human interaction and child development.  The human face is the most important part of the body when humans interact with each other.  Mandating masks is a tool of control.

Bishop Hurley also states the following:  “Because of the minimal contagion on the surfaces of furniture, disinfecting between celebrations of the Mass is no longer necessary.”  Really?  Based on what?  It is amazing that the Diocese has all of a sudden deemed disinfecting not a priority.  We are not saying that it should continue.  Rather, the issue is whether or not it should have ever been done.  What data was used to make the initial pronouncements?  What changed?  Could it be that research has been contradictory with regard to whether or not Coronavirus can survive on surfaces?  Have we learned since COVID-19 first became an epidemic in March 2020?  Are door handles safe?  Are handrails now COVID-free zones?  Why doesn’t this same process of learning apply to the wearing of masks?

“For the time being, please continue to refrain from having hymnals available. Instead, use disposable worship aids to assist with singing and/or consider selecting music that would be familiar to your parishioners.”  Once again, based on what?  Where is the data that hymnals harbor Coronavirus?  If the pew, the kneeler, and possibly cloth seats of some parishes are no longer Coronavirus traps, then why are hymnals?  How about the bulletins?  Aren’t they handled by someone at the printer before they are handled by Church members?  Will the Diocese contact trace the bulletin handlers before allowing parish members to pick one up after Mass?

Please pray for an end to Corona chaos.