In a bizarre and very concerning Facebook Post, Fr. Duane Wachowiak has made waves on the internet with his dressing up as a drag queen. The definition of a drag queen is “a male who dresses as a woman and impersonates female characteristics for public entertainment” ( The internet revelations regarding Fr. Wachowiak were made public on the website, although his Facebook post is from 2017. Apparently, his reputation lives on to this day via Facebook.

We have chosen not to publish this photo on our website. However, it may be accessed at

The photo shows Fr. Wachowiak dressed up as a large-busted woman with a group of young children. The caption under the photo states the following:

“One of the moms decided to “share” her costume. I may have confused a few of the little ones!”

In the past, we have received reports from Catholic faithful in the Diocese of Gaylord concerning possible sexual orientation issues regarding Fr. Wachowiak. His Facebook post seems to strongly support their concerns that Fr. Wachowiak may be participating in a lifestyle as a priest that is diametrically opposed to Church teaching and natural law.

Fr. Wachowiak should immediately publicly announce his sexual orientation. If it is not in line with Church teaching, he should simultaneously remove himself from ministry.