The Diocese of Gaylord conducted a special collection today “to provide immediate relief and aid to those suffering” from the recent earthquake in Haiti. This earthquake occurred on August 14th and was then followed by a tropical storm.

According to the Diocesan website, “all funds collected will be sent to Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA to provide immediate aid and emergency support.”

Despite the name, Catholic Relief Services has a track record of supporting anti-Catholic activities around the world. We have documented this in previous posts. And you can read this article by Church Militant or the Lepanto Institute.

Faithful Catholics are confused and troubled with the Diocese of Gaylord’s continued support and funneling of money to this organization. There are many worthwhile organizations worldwide to which donations could go. For example, could the Diocese not donate directly to the dioceses in Haiti that have been hit hardest by these natural disasters? Could the Diocese not give funds to religious orders in Haiti? The people of Haiti desperately need help; this help should be efficient and representative of well-spent donor dollars. Catholics have a moral obligation to be good stewards of what they donate.