Gaylord Diocesan Watch has confirmed the Diocese of Gaylord policy of prohibiting priests from signing medical exemption forms for the experimental gene therapy COVID-19 vaccines. This is despite the abortion-tainted vaccines being found to be not only ineffective but also not safe.

Just a few examples:

Recent data reveals that between 140,000 and 1.4 million Americans have died in association with the experimental gene therapy COVID-19 vaccinations. 80% of the deaths have occurred within 7 days of vaccination. This is based on Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Data and related research that VAERS data only represents 1-10% of the total number of reactions to the vaccines. As of September 14, 2021, the CDC received reports of over 14,000 patients with COVID-19 who were vaccinated and hospitalized. The death rate was 17%. This is well above the death rate of those who were unvaccinated. ( A German scientist has determined that at least 30-40% of those who died within two weeks of the vaccine died from the vaccines. ( ).  In another study, 86% of deaths within 2 weeks of vaccination in the United States were determined to be most likely from the vaccines.

Fortunately, religious exemptions for the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccines does not require a pastor to underscore the religious views of the person filling out the exemption. This is because American law has considered religious views to be deeply personal and individual. Nonetheless, the lack of priestly support of those who request the help of their pastors is inappropriate and immoral. It further places the bishop and priests of the Diocese, once again, as irrelevant in the lives of Catholics who are sincerely trying to live out their faith by following their consciences and not getting abortion-tainted vaccines. Not since the disastrous closing of Catholic churches has the Diocese seen such a widespread dereliction of duty. Why is this occurring?  Cluelessness? Incompetence? Is it a purposeful act to diminish the Church by destroying it from within?  Some priests have tried to hide behind the curtain of obedience in order to rationalize their cooperation with unholy edicts by their bishop. Cooperation with sin is not obedience. It is sin.

Prayer and repentance are needed, starting with ourselves and then growing to the parish and Diocesan level.  Please pray for a good and holy Bishop for this Diocese. Please pray that our priests will grow to resist cooperation with evil and fulfill their ministry.