At the recent annual fundraising dinner of the Wexford-Missaukee Right To Life organization, Fr. Michael Janowski, pastor of St. Anne, St. Stephen, and St. Edward Churches, offered the following powerful prayer for the evening:

Heavenly Father, the beauty  and dignity of human life was the crowning achievement of your creation.  You further ennobled that life when your Son, the author of life became one with us and his incarnation into our world.  Help us to realize the sacredness and the sanctity of human life and to respect from the moment of conception until the very last moment at death.  Give us courage to speak with truth and love and with conviction in defense of life, even in the face of opposition.  Help us as well to extend the gentle hand of mercy and forgiveness to those who do not have reverence for your gift of life.  To all, grant pardon for the times we have failed to be grateful for your precious gift of life or to respect it in others.  Through your power acting in us and by our efforts, assisted by your grace, may this respect for life be rooted in hearts and minds everywhere, especially in our nation’s leaders throughout this land!  As always we ask this in the Holy Name of Jesus!

This is an example of important witness for which we should thank and compliment our clergy.  They need to be in the public square, more than ever, in order to save souls.