A new lay apostolate has been formed in the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama.  This is the Diocese of former bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord, Steven Raica.

Birmingham Diocesan Watch is the name of this exciting new movement. The mission statement of the organization boldly proclaims the following:

We, the concerned Catholics and friends of the Catholic Diocese of Birmingham, dedicate ourselves to promoting the full teachings of the Catholic Church in theory and practice. In keeping with the directives of our Bishop Steven Raica, who implored the members of the diocese to “partner”* with him, with transparency and accountability, we are dedicated to supporting its Bishop, its priests, and the faithful laity.

*Letter from Bishop Raica regarding Pennsylvania Grand Jury report – 05/15/2018

Gaylord Diocesan Watch wishes to extend our congratulations to Birmingham Diocesan Watch.  We will be praying for the success of this group to assist Bishop Raica, as we had done, in his duties as Bishop.  Please visit their site.

True and faithful reforms in the Church have often sprung from the laity assisting the clergy in correcting errors and abuses within the Church. Once again, that time has come. Lay organizations such as Birmingham Diocesan Watch are on the front lines of this and are leaders in bringing new life and hope to the Church.