Last month, Gaylord Diocesan Watch contacted the Diocese of Gaylord and asked for a meeting with Bishop Walsh.  The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the leadership of Gaylord Diocesan Watch and offer Bishop Walsh our support.  Our first response to our request for a meeting was Emailed to us on March 14th as follows:

Thank you for your email requesting a meeting with Bishop Walsh. As you can appreciate, Bishop Walsh’s schedule is very full while he familiarizes himself with the diocese, the clergy, and the parishes; therefore, I am unable to schedule your requested appointment.


Patty Nemecek

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop | Diocese of Gaylord

A certified, confidential letter was then sent to Bishop Walsh (return receipt) requesting a meeting.  After two weeks, the letter was returned, unsigned.  Bishop Walsh did not accept the letter.  Two requests for a meeting with the Bishop, therefore, have been turned down.

In an era of “synodality” and open communication, it is unfortunate that Bishop Walsh has chosen this route of non-communication with his flock.  Bishop Walsh stated the synodal process is meant to do the following: “We want to hear the voices of people from all across the Diocese.”  If so, then why not visit with members of your flock?

Bishop Walsh has initiated a video series, “Checking in with Bishop Walsh”, on a weekly basis.  He described it as a “touching base” and a type of “fireside chat” for parishioners of the Diocese.  But when it comes to meeting members of his flock in person, has he decided to check out?