Proposal 3 is an amendment to the Michigan Constitution that would guarantee the right to abortion up to the moment of delivery in the state of Michigan. It is on the November ballot. It is demonic.

Bishop Walsh, along with other bishops in Michigan, has come out strongly against this amendment. The end of the infamous Roe vs. Wade ruling has now allowed for decisions regarding abortion to be decided by  individual states. This is an opportunity for the murder of unborn children to be decreased or abolished in this country if not, at least, some parts of the United States.  But it is also an opportunity for the pro-death movement to push its agenda in new and sinister ways.

Please pray for the defeat of this hideous amendment. Please go to the following links for more information. Gaylord Diocesan Watch appreciates the words of Bishop Walsh on behalf of unborn children.

An overview of Proposal 3

Bishop Walsh’s words regarding Proposal 3 (page 10)