The Diocese of Gaylord is once again supporting the disgraced Catholic Relief Services.  Bishop Jeffrey Walsh is promoting this coming weekend’s special collection for Catholic Relief Services in a letter to the faithful of the Diocese.

Catholic Relief Services is an organization with a troubled track record of sponsoring and involving itself with anti-Catholic activities around the globe.  This has been documented repeatedly.  We feel it is important to notify the faithful of the Diocese regarding this troubling development before the special collection.

Gaylord Diocesan Watch has written extensively about the connections between Catholic Relief Services and contraception/abortion promoting organizations in the past. This is summarized in an article by the Lepanto Institute.  An excerpt from this article reveals the following data:

Bishop Walsh stated the following in his letter:  “Your support of Catholic Relief Services is lifechanging for our brothers and sisters as they face these unimaginable circumstances. Thank you for doing what you are able to support such a worthwhile cause.”  Perhaps it is life-changing to support Catholic Relief Services, like ending the life of a person through abortion or ending the life of the soul through contraception.

If you believe that the Diocese of Gaylord should not support the disgraced Catholic Relief Services, please contact Bishop Walsh:

Bishop Jeffrey Walsh

611 W. North Street, Gaylord, MI 49735
(989) 732-5147