Bishop Jeffrey Walsh recently granted an interview with the Petoskey News-Review.  The interviewer posed four  questions for the Bishop.

Only one question could be considered significantly controversial:  Should lesbian, gay and transgender people be allowed to participate in church services?  Bishop Walsh responded with verbiage that certainly can be considered not to be heretical, but he failed to specifically label active lesbian, gay, and transgender lifestyles as sinful. He then launches into the often used “let’s soften the argument and adopt a moderate approach” tactic when he stated the following: “But the church tries to help us to live them by making a clear distinction between orientation and an act. Someone’s orientation is something a person might struggle with towards any kind of sin.”

Reactions to the Bishop’s interview have been mixed.  Some faithful feel that since the Bishop didn’t say anything that can be construed as not in accord with Church teaching, it’s a plus for the Diocese to have a Bishop who can steer clear of heresy.  Others feel his response to the topic of sexual disorientation was a missed opportunity to clearly state the Church’s teaching.  His response did not offer the positive effects of living the Church’s teaching and how the Church teaching is good nutrition for not only the soul but for the body and mind. Readers are encouraged to make up their own minds and read the article for themselves.

Unfortunately, the Bishop has allowed himself to sit down with a secular newspaper to discuss his thoughts about the Diocese but has consistently refused to meet with Gaylord Diocesan Watch personnel to discuss both the good and the bad of the Diocese. Gaylord Diocesan Watch continues to graciously extend the invitation for the Bishop to meet with us.  The overriding goal of this apostolate is to help and support the Diocese of Gaylord in bringing souls to Christ as we are dedicated to supporting the bishop of this diocese, its priests, and the faithful laity.