Fr. Rolando Silva, pastor of St. Ignatius Church in Rogers City, announced on May 14th that he was leaving the parish.  The circumstances around this abrupt departure of Fr. Silva are not firmly established by Gaylord Diocesan Watch.  As far as we can tell, his departure does not involve sexual impropriety or other malfeasance, and one source told us he announced that he was being sent for psychiatric treatment.  Sources have told Gaylord Diocesan Watch that this was a surprise to the parishioners of St. Ignatius Loyola.  His departure also announced on the Gaylord Diocese website.  However, the bulletin of St. Ignatius Church in Rogers City has no mention whatsoever of the departure of Fr. Silva or any of the circumstances surrounding his sudden leave.  The bulletins don’t even ask that prayers be said for Fr. Silva.  It is as if he just disappeared from thin air.

Every departure of a priest from the Diocese of Gaylord is a huge loss for the Diocese.  Combined with the recent notification of the departure of Fr. William and Fr. Zambua back to Nigeria, the shortage of priests in the Diocese remains at a critical state. However, the Diocese has announced that four “international priests” will be coming to the Diocese of Gaylord.  Although this surely will help the situation, this is in the backdrop of no ordinations to the priesthood this year for the Diocese of Gaylord.  We continue the need to pray for more priests for the Diocese of Gaylord.  We also hope that Fr. Silva receives comfort and refreshment  during his time away so that he can quickly return to his priestly duties, stronger and with more vigor than ever before!