COVID-19 (Sars-CoV2, or Coronavirus) has been receiving some more attention recently. This coincides with an 89% decrease in COVID-19 vaccination production and the development of a new vaccine scheduled to be available next month.  Due to decreased demand, production of COVID-19 vaccines has plummeted.  The reasons for this are multiple, including a lack of effectiveness of the vaccines, serious safety concerns ( ), and the trend of this virus to become more and more harmless over time.  Some practitioners who have treated COVID-19 now consider COVID-19 no more than a common cold virus.  This is similar to the other Coronaviruses that have been part of the American population for years.  There is also a sense of COVID fatigue among many.

This does not seem to deter certain leaders of government or private industry.  Reports indicate a potential move toward reverting to mask mandates and even vaccine mandates as the new COVID-19 vaccines come to market this Fall.  Concerns have been raised by faithful as to whether or not dioceses across the United States will revert to the disastrous, absurd, and even demonic restrictions and limitations placed on Catholics by their bishops and priests during the height of COVID-19. These included closure of churches, mask mandates, social distancing, banning of singing, etc.  These led to a massive decline in church attendance, with surveys indicating a 40% decrease in people going to church when churches reopened.  For many churches, attendance has not recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels.

These measures were never backed by consistent or reasonable science, but the bishops of Michigan jumped at the measures, even before the governor of Michigan implemented her mandates (which were later found to be unconstitutional).  Since they were based on false premises, ie, not based on truth, they caused significant confusion and anger among parishioners.

Will the bishops return to these measures?  If so, which ones?  Will the priests or faithful revolt?  Will this lead to even less faith?

Please pray for prudence and truth.