The latest pronouncement of Pope Francis, described by some from his actions as the chaplain of the Great Reset, allows for sexually disoriented individuals, ie, same sex couples, to receive a blessing from a priest. Titled, Fiducia supplicans, the approximately 5,000 word edict by Pope Francis has caused a firestorm, with a host of bishops worldwide publicly announcing their refusal to endorse or abide by this document. Other concerns have arisen.

Gaylord Diocesan Watch has heard concerns from more than one cleric in the Diocese regarding the document and their unease with the provisions of it. On the diocesan website, Bishop Walsh has not offered a written comment regarding this issue. Instead, the posting on the website includes a lacking in substance response by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops, which is par for the course for the USCCB.  Another puff piece on the website without any significant substance is proffered by Bishop Robert Barron.

Will Fr. Stachnik bless a homosexual couple who approaches him for a blessing?  If Fr. Tyler Bischoff were to have some gay friends request a blessing from him, would he do it?  Would Bishop Walsh or other clerics in the Diocese offer this?

We must continue to pray and offer sacrifice for the Church.