Once again the Diocese of Gaylord has come under scrutiny for its support of Catholic Relief Services.  The Diocese has its annual fund drive, called the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA), each year to ostensibly support and maintain the functioning of the Diocese.  But the Catholic Services Appeal also supports a variety of activities that put into question the suitability of donating to this Appeal.

One of the most controversial organizations the Catholic Services Appeal is funding calls itself Catholic Relief Services.  This organization has been noted to fund anti-Catholic initiatives, especially in Africa, in direct contradiction to Catholic Church teaching.  Despite the Diocese being informed of this for years, the Diocese of Gaylord continues to provide funding for this organization.

Another major problem with the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) is the lack of transparency with regard to the budget of the Appeal.  Although the Diocese lists in general terms where the money is going, there is no detailed information with regard to how these funds are allocated and to whom.  As an example, the Diocese simply states the following vague description with regard to Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) funds:  “Gifts to the CSA help fulfill our Catholic mission by making the following essential ministries possible: Caring for the Poor and Vulnerable, Diocesan and Parish Support, Clergy and Pastoral Support, Proclaiming the Gospel, and Faith Formation.”

One parish priest announced that the CSA would not be funding Catholic Relief Services this year.  However, the Diocesan Website clearly states that the CSA would be funding this organization.

Faithful Catholics have a duty to put their money into Catholic causes and not anti-Catholic causes.  If you believe that the CSA should not be funding Catholic Relief Services, please feel free to contact the Diocese and give your money to other worthy Catholic causes:

Bishop Jeffrey Walsh

611 W. North Street, Gaylord, MI 49735

(989) 732-5147

Email:  communications@dioceseofgaylord.org