As part of the Diocese of Gaylord fundraising, a funding of the Diocese goes to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) each year.  It used to be part of the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA).  However, the Diocese has clarified that it no longer is

“The National Collections that are taken up annually outside of the Catholic Services Appeal are the Rice Bowl Program (Lent), Catholic Relief Services Collection (March), World Mission Sunday (October), and Retirement Fund for Religious (December). Our diocese does not participate in the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.”

Instead, a separate collection has been made available for Catholic Relief Services.  The removal of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) from the CSA was done, presumably, due to an outcry among faithful Catholics who did not want to fund an organization that promotes anti-Catholic positions worldwide.

But why, then, is the Diocese still funding Catholic Relief Services (CRS)?  Why is it part of a second collection?  Are faithful Catholics, fed up with waste and abuse of their dollars, not going to suspend their donations to the Diocese with this going on?  Is Bishop Walsh being coerced by other bishops to participate in Catholic Relief Services since it is run by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops?  Is it mandatory to be a funder of Catholic Relief Services in order to be part of the bishop boy’s club?

Problems with Catholic Relief Services are multiple and can be found at the following website:

Catholic Relief Services