The recent Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) of the Diocese of Gaylord is promoted as a fundraising effort to maintain the financial functioning of the Diocese.  However, many faithful Catholics have voiced concern as to where their funds are going when they donate to the Diocese.

One of the many concerns centers around the the Diocesan support for Operation Rice Bowl, an arm of Catholic Relief Services.  The Diocese supports not only Catholic Relief Services directly, but it also supports separate fundraising efforts for Operation Rice Bowl.  Therefore, the Diocese is supporting at least two fundraising efforts for Catholic Relief Services.  Although the Diocese states that CSA dollars are not going to Catholic Relief Services, other Diocesan funds and energy are going to Catholic Relief Services.  In essence, people who donate to the Diocese of Gaylord are donating to Catholic Relief Services.

We have covered the concerns of Catholic Relief Services in previous posts.  But the addition of Operation Rice Bowl funding efforts makes Catholic Relief Services a repeat beneficiary of Diocesan efforts to promote it.  This is not acceptable to many faithful Catholics and prevents them from participating in any donations to the Diocese of Gaylord.

If you are concerned about this development, please feel free to contact Bishop Walsh:

Most Reverend Jeffrey J. Walsh, Bishop of Gaylord, 611 West North Street, Gaylord, MI 49735-8349,  email