Reference Material


  2. YouTube videos featuring Fr. Chad Ripperger on the topic of spiritual warfare. His conferences and talk can also be found on his site.
  3. Mass of the Ages
  4. Renewal Ministries


  1. Unholy Silence, Journal of a Whistleblower by Patrick Flynn
  2. Sacrilege: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church by Leon Podles
  3. Infiltration by Dr. Taylor Marshall
  4. True Obedience by Peter Kwasniewski, Scholar, Author, Lecturer, Composer
  5. The Naked Truth by James Bowers
  6. The Bible in a Year by Tim Gray, President of the Augustine Institute
  7. Magisterial Authority by Fr. Chad Ripperger, Catholic Priest, Philosopher, Moral Theologian and Exorcist
  8. The Binding Force of Tradition by Fr. Chad Ripperger
  9. The Principle of the Integral Good by Fr. Chad Ripperger
  10. Where We Got The Bible by Henry Graham
  11. Paradigm Shift  by Jose Antonio Ureta
  12. Lost Shepherd  by Philip Lawler
  13. Slaying Dragons  By Charles D. Fraun


  1. Lifesite News
  2. The Loop by Catholic Vote
  3. Catholic Vote
  4. Any writings by Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Mueller, Bishop Strickland


  1. The Angry Catholic